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Fancy Pigeon Homes

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          Timber appearance but long-life polyethylene construction


The Range of Dovecotes/Nesting Boxes available

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An attractive ornament to enhance your garden

Also available in single or triple level options

670mm wide x 750mm high


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Heavy duty mounting option

Removable roof for easy cleaning

920mm wide x 1040mm high

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Will attract, feed and provide nests for a wide variety of birds

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Attracts a large variety of birds to your garden

Facilities for water baths or dust baths






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Constructed to the highest quality, these Dovecotes and Birdhouses will last a lifetime. Made of tough, lightweight polyethylene.

Key Benefits

  • Prices include delivery anywhere in New Zealand
  • Guaranteed quality of construction
  • Range of styles available
  • Easy Cleaning - just hose down and brush off
  • Cat proof
  • Comes complete with mounting plate, bolts and full instructions for mounting to a post or pole


Description Price
# 1 - Ornamental Dovecote $240
# 2 - Double Large Dovecote $260
# 3 - Birdfeeder/Nesting Box $240
# 4 - Hanging or Mounted Birdfeeder $125

For General Information and availability of these Dovecotes, please contact neilbos@attglobal.net

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