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The name of the Association is


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The objects for which the Association is established are:

(a) To promote the breeding, keeping and exhibition of pigeons in every way in which the Association or the Management Committee of the Association shall think proper.

(b) To make, adopt, vary, annul and publish rules, by-laws and conditions for the regulation of the breeding, keeping and exhibition of pigeons and to take all such steps as shall be deemed necessary or advisable for enforcing such rules, regulations, by-laws and conditions.

(c) To provide for the affiliation of Clubs, societies and organisations for promoting the keeping, breeding and exhibition of pigeons.

(d) To provide some authority, commitment, control and guarantee of performance in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, on all or any importations of Eggs or Avian Genetic Material, by the National Pigeon Association (Inc).

(e) To purchase or otherwise acquire any real or personal property or any interest in the same respectively which shall be considered for the benefit of the Association or calculated to promote or assist in the promotion of any of the objects of the Association.

(f) To issue seamless leg bands for all varieties of pigeons. These bands shall bear the initials N.P.A. and the year in which they are issued. They shall be of such style and design, and sold at such price, as may be established from year to year by the Management Committee.

(g) To subsidise any newspaper or other publication dealing with pigeons and to print, publish and sell a newspaper or other publication relating to pigeons.

(h) To subscribe out of the funds of the Association to any fund, Club or Society having as one of its objects the breeding, keeping or exhibition of pigeons and grant such other prizes as the Association or Management Committee shall deem fit.


The Officers of the Association shall consist of a President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary and Ring Secretary to be elected in accordance with Clause 5 hereof.


Membership shall be of four classes, viz: Affiliated, Associate, Family and Honorary.

Affiliated Members are societies, Clubs or organisations Affiliated to the Association represented as hereinafter provided.

Associate Members are individual persons or partnerships elected as Members of the Association in manner hereinafter provided.

(a)    Any Club, Society or organisation established within the North and South Island of New Zealand and having as one of its objects the keeping and breeding and exhibition of pigeons may apply to the Association for admission as an Affiliated Member. Such application shall be made in writing with the full names and addresses of the Secretary and delegated representative thereof and upon acceptance in writing by the Management Committee (Rule 5) shall be admitted as an Affiliated Member.

(b) Any individual or partnership may apply to become a Member of the Association upon application being made upon a form to be obtained from the Secretary and/or Ring Secretary and shall be signed by the applicant and by two Members of the Association. Persons or partnerships elected under the provisions of this rule shall be known as Associate Members

(c) All Members are entitled to purchase rings from the Association and no

rings will be issued before 31st July annually and until the Membership fee for the current year has been paid.

(d) Each Affiliated Society shall be entitled to appoint one of its Members as the delegated representative who shall represent that Society.

(e) All resignations must be in writing to the Secretary. Members whoseSubscriptions have lapsed, but who have not officially resigned must, when applying for reinstatement, forward to the Secretary all arrears of Subscriptions.

(f) Prospective Members must apply for Membership to the N.P.A. from the Zone they reside in.


Membership fees shall cover the period of January 1st to December 31st each

year. Any Affiliate Member or Associate Member being in arrears at April 1st shall be deemed to be suspended until the arrears are paid. Upon the payment of the Membership fee by any Member these rules, including any subsequent alterations or modifications thereof duly made in pursuance of a Resolution of the AGM, shall constitute a binding contract between the Association and all Members thereof. No member shall be entitled to any of the privileges or benefits of the Association until he shall have paid his Membership fee for the current year. Affiliated Members and Associate Members shall contribute to the funds of the Association an annual Subscription as approved by resolution at the Annual General Meeting. The Management Committee shall have power to abate the above fee in the case of Associate Members who at the 1st day of January in the current year have not reached the age of 16.

Any resolution affecting any alteration in the amount of Membership Subscriptions passed at the AGM of the Association shall take effect from the 1st of January the following year.


The supreme control of the affairs of the Association shall be exercised by the Management Committee in General Meeting.

(a) General Meetings of the Management Committee shall be held as often as required and at least twice in each year. The AGM shall be held on a date to be fixed by the Management Committee in each year. Notice of the place, time and date appointed of such meetings and the business proposed to be dealt with thereat shall be posted to all Management Committee Members.

(b) The Management Committee shall appoint its own meetings and regulate its own proceedings.

(c) Special meetings of the Management Committee may be called at any time by the President and shall be called by him within 21 days after a written request, signed by not less than seven Members of the Management Committee, is received by him.

                    (d)     Five Management Committee Members shall constitute a quorum.

(e) The President shall preside at all meetings of the Management Committee, but failing him the Vice President or other member elected from the Committee Members shall preside.


The Management Committee shall consist of the following, to be elected from the Associate Members of the Association.

(a)      The President who shall be elected annually, can hold office for three years and at the end of that period be ineligible for immediate re-election. This position to alternate between the North and South Islands, if nominations are received.

(b)      A Past President who shall be elected annually.

(c)      One or more Vice Presidents, but not exceeding three in number, each of whom shall hold      office  for one year and be eligible for immediate re-election.

(d)      The Secretary/Manager who shall hold office for one year and be eligible for immediate re-election.

(e)      The Treasurer who shall hold office for one year and be eligible for immediate re-election.

(f)       The Ring Secretary who shall hold office for one year and be eligible for immediate re-election.

(g)      Nine Zone Directors, each of whom shall serve for one year and shall at the end of that period be eligible for immediate re-election.

(h)      The Secretary /Manager, in a minute book, shall keep a true and correct record of the proceedings of the Association. The Secretary's signature shall accompany all official notifications emanating from the Association.

(i)       The Secretary must be responsible at all times for the control and use of the Common Seal of the Association. All documents issued by the Association must bear the Association's Common Seal.

(j)       Nominations to serve on the Management Committee other than nominees by the Management Committee itself shall be in writing and in the form approved by the Management Committee from time to time, such form providing for a proposer, a seconder and the signature of the nominee expressing his willingness to serve if appointed and to be delivered to the Secretary not later than six weeks before the AGM in any year for vacancies in the year following.

(k)      All elections of President and Vice Presidents of the Association shall be made by and at the absolute discretion of the Members at the AGM.

(l)       The Management Committee may appoint Sub-Committees for particular purposes. Membership of each Sub-Committee shall be restricted to Members of the Association, but not necessarily to Members of the Management Committee.

(m)     The Management Committee shall designate the President and the Secretary of each Sub-Committee.

(n)       Should a member wish any matter to be brought before the Management Committee direct, such matter should be sent to the Secretary with a letter requesting that it be brought before the Management Committee at their next meeting.

(o)       A decision of the majority of the Management Committee Members present shall be final and conclusive in all matters.


If any member of the Association shall be guilty of any dishonourable conduct which renders him unfit to be a member of his Club, Society or organisation or the Association, or wilfully breaks the rules of his Society, Club or organisation or the Association, or refuses to comply with any decision of the Association upon any matters affecting the showing or exhibition of pigeons, or shall in the opinion of the Management Committee be guilty either in or out of the Association, of conduct of a derogatory nature, or prejudicial to the interest of the N.P.A, he may be expelled or suspended from the Association for such period as shall be determined by the Management Committee.


(a) The Management Committee shall cause proper accounts to be kept of all the receipts, credits, payments, assets and liabilities of the Association and of all other matters necessary for showing the true state and condition of the Association and the accounts shall be kept in such books and in such manner as the Committee think fit and to the satisfaction of the Auditors.

(b)    The accounts of the Association shall be annually examined and the correctness of the balance shall be ascertained by an Auditor or Auditors to be elected by the Association at the AGM.


(a) Wherever the context or meaning requires words implying the singular shall mean the plural and male/female and vice-versa.

(b)    No addition or alteration shall be made to the Rules of the Association except by the Management Committee.

(c) Should any case arise for which there is no provision made in the Rules, or should any doubt arise as to the interpretation of any Rule or regulation of the Association, the same will be dealt with by the Management Committee.

(d) Should the Association through circumstances be compelled to disband, all Members to have seven clear days notice by letter, and all properties, money, and trophies in hand, shall be disposed of by the Management Committee as the resolution directs.

(e) Notices of Motion must be received by the Secretary in writing at least 14 days before any nominated meeting, or can be moved and seconded from the floor of said meeting.

(f) Candidates for election for Membership shall be proposed by two Members of the Club, Subscriptions to accompany nomination. The election shall be by ballot - one adverse vote in five shall exclude.

(g) Resignations must be in writing to the Secretary. Members whose Subscriptions have lapsed, but who have not officially resigned must, when applying for reinstatement, forward to the Secretary all arrears of Subscriptions.


A duly elected or appointed Director is the official representative of the National Pigeon Association in his Zone. He shall appoint an area representative for each district in his zone, and encourage and promote Membership campaigns, meetings and other activities of every nature that will create greater interest in domestic pigeons and the National Pigeon Association.

(a) If a Director fails to appoint an area representative for his various districts within sixty days after assuming office, the President on his own initiative may make the appointments.

The Directors will use the bank nominated by the National Pigeon Association for his zone funds.


The district representative shall represent the National Pigeon Association in his area or district. He shall encourage and promote the pigeon in his area, and contact as many pigeon fanciers as possible to create greater interest in pigeons.

He shall work in co-operation with the Zone Director and shall assist the Director in arranging any displays or other pigeon activities in their Zone.

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For Information on Membership of the New Zealand National Pigeon Association Incorporated

please contact neilbos@attglobal.net

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